CPA Continuing Education – Benefits of Online CPE Training Programs

CPA continuing education is something that is highly regulated and needs to be done properly in order for CPAs to get the education they need in order to retain their license. You need to make sure that you find the right courses for your needs and get them in the format that works for you. You are a business professional with a busy life, which is why you need to find the most accessible programs and flexible schedules possible when it comes to your continuing education as an accountant. Take the time to see what’s out there and you might be impressed with the options that you have.

Using online programs to get your CPA continuing education is a great choice for many different reasons. Online courses are much more affordable than traditional classroom training and allow you to get the most out of your money. You can also find more variety in online courses than you will find in any one geographic area. The benefits and advantages to online education are basically endless. You just need to take the time to check out your options and find the right program to fulfill your needs. With so much to choose from, that shouldn’t be difficult at all.

CPA continuing professional education holds accountants accountable for their education and professional certification. Anyone who gets involved in this industry is under a lot of public scrutiny because of what they do for a living. You need to make sure that you have all of your CE requirements met as quickly as you possibly can and that your education stays current so that people recognize you as a qualified professional.

Online programs work for majority of the CPAs because they cost less and are flexible and convenient. Self-study through online CPA continuing education courses is a great way for anyone to get the information and education that they need in order to maintain their license and stay up to date with the industry. Make sure that you take the time to find the right online program and take advantage of everything that it offers you. When you want easy and affordable CPA CPE, the best option out there is online courses.

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Alternative Career Paths For Professional Educators

There is a broad range of careers that you can pursue with a background in education, many of which you may never have thought of. You can use your teaching skills for career opportunities in higher education, childcare administration, publishing, information science, journalism, sales, marketing, human resources and much more. And this is by no means an exhaustive list; this is just the tip of the iceberg. And it stands to reason that if you can wrangle a gaggle of kindergartners, seventh-graders or first-year college students, you have many of the skills necessary to manage employees in various settings.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the career options mentioned above to get you thinking in some broadening directions:

Higher Education

Do you feel drawn to the world of academia and higher education? Educators and teachers are able to transition with relative ease into jobs in higher ed- college administration, student affairs, curriculum development, alumni relations and development, human resources, you name it. Having a master’s degree in education as your foundation, your teacher skills are quite transferable in the higher education workplace, both in faculty and administration. You can work toward becoming a professor, perhaps a dean of a department, a director of financial aid; the possibilities are endless. The Chronicle of Higher Education, the go-to publication for Higher Education professionals, can better help you get a grip on the ins and outs of academia.

Curriculum Specialist / Instructional Coordinator

As a teacher, you’ve probably been (or will soon be) intimately involved in planning, preparing coursework and developing syllabi for your classes. If you enjoy that aspect of teaching and want to shape the student learning process on a grander scale, think about becoming an instructional coordinator, or curriculum specialist. You’ll train other teachers, choose textbooks, coordinate the implementation of technology, evaluate existing programs for suitability and success or even develop a unique curriculum to be used by teachers. This is an exciting and creative field, and for many, as rewarding as teaching.

Information Science

As a direct result of the digital revolution, information science is one of the most exciting fields emerging today. Information scientists attend to how people present, access and use information of all kinds. The amount of data and information available is ever expanding, and is increasing across fields and contexts-from the natural and social sciences, to the humanities, to private and public sectors alike. Educators play an important role in how this information is presented and how we access it. Digital libraries, websites, blogs and all types of online user services are emerging that rely on knowing how a person learns and accesses information, and how others respond to it. Opportunities in new media, online publishing and distance education-just to name a few-abound for students trained in educational practice and theory.

Human Resources

Do you enjoy forging professional relationships and team building? You may want to consider human resources development, perhaps as a personnel or labor relations specialist. Human resources, as a job field, is ever-evolving-pulling together elements of psychology, management, financial planning, economy and development to help steer and guide a company toward shared goals. While it’s true that human resources professionals are commonly thought of as bridges between the management and workforce, it can be so much more. So do some investigating yourself; check out this broad and informative overview of careers in human resources, training and labor relations management.

Museum Curator

Are museums your cup of tea? They often employ those with education degrees as archivists, curators and technicians. Museum jobs offer an educational and fascinating alternative to the classroom. An archivist will research, classify and catalog information of all types-photos, news articles, film, video and sound recordings, letters, books and all manner of electronic data. A curator, on the other hand, is more likely to deal with tangible items-art, collectibles, historic objects, bits of nature-and coordinate displays or programs for the public. Museums are the educational cornerstones to our past and future, and museums are always in need of emerging professionals, so check out the American Association of Museums career page to learn more.

You’ve just had a look at a very small slice of the career options available to those with master’s and professional degrees in education. With the ways in which we interact, learn and work changing so rapidly, entire industries are being built around emerging technologies and new economies. Perhaps the wheels have started turning for you and you’ve begun to realize that a master’s degree in education is in no way a limitation on your career options, but instead can prepare you for a whole world of exciting work opportunities. Do your own research, delve deep into your own interests-work will never feel like work as long as you’re doing what you love.

Get The Desired Professional Education Across The Globe

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Electronics engineering is one of the advanced engineering programs which include signal system, data processing, Integrated Design and Application, Hardware Systems and Design. Many universities offer a computer science branch which is also known as software engineering. This Software Engineering program lays a high emphasis on embedded hardware; advance data base application, and distributed software systems.

The Greenwich University offers a comprehensive MBA program. MBA is an internationally recognized Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management. MBA approaches leadership thematically from the starting points of creativity, practicality and social resourcefulness. MBA focuses on the integrative disciplines of progressive business strategies and the management of change.

University of Birmingham has an established and growing international reputation for innovative research and development in computer science and electronics engineering. This renowned University offers a broad range of degrees that combine computing with another subject such as business studies (MBA), Arts, Psychology, Civil Engineering, Electronics engineering, Electrical Engineering or Mathematics.

Professional Educators In Online Business: 3 Elements of Tenure

Tenure is endurance, perseverance, and experience. Some would argue it is nothing more than a job guarantee. For others, tenure like pistachio coconut ice-cream in a waffle cone on a 100 degree day, redefining your earning abilities. The elements of tenure change who you are. The elements of tenure can propel you into the business world in a way that you might not expect.

Endurance is an element of tenure. Educators face one more classroom full of children less interested in what is to be taught than the group from last year. (Bless whoever has them this year!) Can you hold on one more year? Educators have to compete with the newest fad, the most fabulous brand in apparel, and the newest most vivid action-packed video game. With these distractions what happens to Reading and Writing within the course of a day? Spelling, Math and Social Studies, could be more interesting, or could they? Maybe if they had a swanky brand-type logo?

Perseverance is another element of tenure. Regardless what comes at you, you smile and continue to apply the latest and greatest from the last seminar. Educators follow the best practices year after year. That is what makes you an expert right? Perseverance is ongoing service. It is required for those all day educator meetings and educator work days. What do they think educators do when the children ARE there? Perseverance is finding a new way to teach the same learning activity, again, only this group needs even more help than the last group did to stay on task and actually complete the necessary assignments. Then there is the required paperwork on each child. New forms and yet it still takes just as long.

Experience is the most valuable of all the elements. Educator experience makes a statement about loyalty and commitment to the field of education. Indisputable experience is recognized and acknowledged in the world of business. You may not think all those creative bulletin boards, multiples of graded papers, extra hours on the holiday program or the school play, scraped knees, and calls to parents you may not know very well, added to your skills set, but those skills are the exact skills you will be able to use as an online business owner. As an educator you can now put your endurance, perseverance and invaluable experience to work for you. These are the most preferred qualifications, special skills and requirements necessary to own your own online business. Make the money that will provide for the lifestyle you have dreamed about but yet become accustomed to.

Educators know how much better we as humans learn when we are interested. What are you interested in? You may say to yourself, ‘I don’t know enough to start an online business’. Well, interestingly enough, the children you taught for so long, didn’t know either, UNTIL… they got interested, listened and paid attention to YOU! There is information out there to assist you and answer your every question.

You are already the most qualified, experienced, preferred applicant to start your own business. Your experience with planning is the most ignored and misunderstood skill that could bring you the greatest amount of revenue. A business plan that receives a grade of D- is almost guaranteed to fail. It is almost like having no plan at all.

Tenure. What is clear is that once you are tenured, you have demonstrated skills that could promote you to online business owner. Take the all the best skills you learned to educate others and put them to use with a business plan that gets an A+. Make a gold star salary with the skills you have perfected with what you already know!

Healthy Habit: Rest is critical for survival. This week, give yourself 8 full hours each night of restful sleep. See how much better you feel after a couple of nights!

Quote From The Tote: “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” – Albert Einstein

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